What our students are saying...

"I owe 100% of my science scores to The DAT Destroyer. The book literally covered everything that was on my exam. Knowing the correct answer to each question in the book is JUST AS IMPORTANT as knowing all of the wrong answers and explanations. If you master this book, you will master your exam."

- Joe G. (Summer 2013)
Bio: 21 | Chem: 21 | Orgo: 26

"If you're trying to maximize your score then the DAT destroyer is your tool! Do yourselves a favor and don't overload your heads with other useless material; everything you need is in here. It's a gift from heaven."

- Hussam (Summer 2013)
Bio: 24 | Chem: 28 | Orgo: 29 | PAT:20 | Math:21 | Reading:20

"THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!! I took my DAT Monday, August 27th. 2012 and I could not have been happier with my results."

- Brittany (Summer 2012)
Bio: 26 | Chem: 25 | Orgo: 29 (99.3)

"The best way to prepare for the DAT is to do practice problems. Destroyer's exam-like questions and straightforward explanations thoroughly prepared me for the DAT exam. Without the Destroyer, I'm positive that my scores would have been significantly lower."

- Gregory B. (Summer 2012)
Bio: 20 | Chem: 22 | Orgo: 22

"The DAT Destroyer has all of your studying needs in one text. It helps you concentrate on what is important and what you will need to excel on the exam. It is a must have for any DAT student. The Destroyer will not only help you to pass the DAT, but to kill it!"

- Ashley G. (Summer 2011)
Bio: 20 | Chem: 27 | Orgo: 20

"When I started studying for the DAT, I would have considered myself lucky to break 20 on Gen Chem. I ended up with a 23 on the real thing - my lowest in the sciences...suffice to say I was ecstatic! The DAT Destroyer is essential. The explanations are great and covers what you will need to know. It's tough, but master it and the real thing will be a breeze!"

- Joyce
Bio: 26 | Chem: 22 | Orgo: 28

"Mastering the destroyer is the confidence that one needs to tackle the DAT sciences! It will pin point the weakness that one needs to work on and to shed insight on complicated conceptual problems in the sciences. It is definitely the book to get for the sciences of the DAT if a pre-dent student wants to do well!"

- Mina (Winter 2011)
Bio: 20 | Chem: 26 | Orgo: 22

"I first thought about taking my DAT in June of 2007 and after a few weeks of studying I stumble upon the DAT DESTROYER. As a non traditional applicant, the material was challenging and very real -- So I decided to postpone my DAT for the following summer while studying from destroyer. With 3 acceptances on December 1st, studying the from that book was the best choice I have ever made."

- Ed
Bio: 20 | Chem: 19 | Orgo: 20

"The instant I opened the DAT Destroyer it became obvious that it was the most rigorous, challenging, detailed and thorough of DAT study materials in existence. The DAT Destroyer gave me the reassurance that I was doing everything in my power to ace the DAT. As a result, I've been interviewed and accepted at some of the top schools in the country! THANK YOU Dr. Romano for helping me turn my dreams into reality!!!"

- Padma
Bio: 22 | Chem: 22 | Orgo: 23