Spring Semester

You will need to purchase most current versions of the DAT(OAT) and Math Destroyer available on our website.
We DO NOT have the books in the office

Dr. Romano teaches the class and hands out all materials. Space is limited so it is always best to sign up as early as possible.


$100 - first class payment
$200 - 2 math classes (these are a part of the course, paid upfront and non-refundable)
$200 - deposit towards the last 2 classes, non-refundable

The first day of class $500 due
Each class thereafter $100 due at each class

We take cash or check, no credit cards


  • Payments must be made in cash or with a personal check - please make checks to cash. If you need receipts for the course, ask Dr. Romano after class and it will be provided.

  • NO TEXTING during class. It is very disrespectful and will not be tolerated. Dr. Romano will give breaks periodically and you can text or use your phone at that time. If you get caught texting, you will be asked to leave the class.

  • If you miss a class, please let us know ASAP. You must make up the missed class with an instructor. Keep in mind that the class with the instructor may not be 3.5 hours. It will be to cover the missed materials, however long that takes. If you miss classes without being excused, you will be asked to leave the group. This may sound harsh, but frankly we are only interested in serious students. If you are not serious, please try another test prep course.

  • You can bring snacks and drinks to class, but please clean up your trash, be courteous to others, etc.

  • If class needs to be canceled or rescheduled due to inclement weather, you will receive an email from us.


  • We are located within Snug Harbor Cultural Center (Staten Island, NY).

  • Please leave EARLY the first day to allow extra time for finding your way and carefully follow these directions.

  • There are 2 entrances. On the first day of class, we will be outside with signs directing students where to park and to the classroom at ONLY one of the entrances (Tysen & Fillmore St.).

  • GPS Users: DO NOT use the address 100 Richmond Terrace. Instead, use Tysen and Fillmore Street, Staten Island, NY, 10301.

  • When arriving at the corner of Tysen and Fillmore, take a right into Snug Harbor. There will be a parking lot on your right as you come in. There is plenty of parking available.

  • Drive very slowly in this area. We received a warning that a student almost hit someone racing out of the parking lot. The speed limit is 10mph, please observe that.

  • Classes are held in Building G, first floor.